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Panda the paige nudes

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Dec 22, Messages: All rights reserved. Amateur voyeur video tumblr. Initially, Wiseman, her daughter, and other Minecraft players who knew her daughter couldn't believe that LionMaker would engage in this kind of behavior. Panda the paige nudes. Dudes reporting on 12 year old cod faggots all the time and he wants to talk about this dude being a pedo hypocrite much?

I think it's real, was hoping for more though. Show Ignored Content. Once on June 12, when LionMaker or someone pretending to be LionMaker asked Cheenks and Wiseman's daugher for nude photographs, and again on December 21, when LionMaker's Twitter account posted nude photographs of Paige.

Additionally, it was apparently legal in the past to film sex between persons from age 12 and up One tweet read, "Im a pedo perver[t] that should just kill himself.

He was 16 at the time. I'll drink bleach. There's money to be made from it, and people stick around because their channels will go into a shithole and die if his goes down. Dec 21, Messages: Dox was posted by me. Archived tweets from December Share This Page Tweet. Anime lesbian slave. And she's a YouTuber also, and if they have relations.

Panda the paige nudes

That has been my goal since i woke up this morning. This story originally said Lee Carson was 18 at the time of being investigated by police. Brad Maddox? For future reference, all OP had to do was type in Paige and he'd find the motherload. GhettoBoxManDec 21, That's because it looks like at the time of the conversation, Chantelle Wiseman included a screenshot of a previous chat in one of her messages, asking, "Wait….

It's a subreddit dedicated to the sex appeal of female wrestlers and other women wrestling and occasionally MMA industries. Should we get on the throw aways and ask if he wants to skype? He's not alone. Fucking idiot. Jun 7, Messages: Never got vanned.

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Lee Carson, alias "L for Leeeeee," hadYouTube subscribers when he was busted for a string of sexual offences last summer though he himself was only 16 at the time. Big black ebony tits. Like LionMaker, he paints himself as a benevolent, avuncular figure. May 6, Messages: He should be the suject of a case study.

They started posting about the story and sharing screencaps of the conversation and reaching out to his friends. LionMaker pedo. Everyone is hating this guy and i have looked all over his Twitter and keems and i dont see anything besides allegations. Panda the paige nudes. Yamimash real name is Aaron Asha year-old YouTuber with 1. Wiseman found herself blocked on Twitter and muted on Skype whenever she tried to contact LionMaker.

She intervened and started talking to LionMaker, identifying herself as Chantelle's mother. The pictures have since been deleted, but Paige tweeted to confirm that the images were of her. Sep 2, Messages: Like 17? The Swedish police took a look at the case, but said they didn't have enough evidence to act on it. Autumn calabrese nude pics. Why aren't they standing against it? Jun 8, Messages: We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. Untitled 1 sec ago Untitled 1 sec ago Untitled 8 sec ago Untitled 11 sec ago Untitled 15 sec ago Untitled 36 sec ago Untitled 44 sec ago Untitled 46 sec ago.

Or part of some pedophile support group that's here to help. It's probably some pleb that hacked him. LionMaker went underground for a while, though he still uploaded previously recorded videos to his YouTube channel. Who wants it? Maybe I should have said "hypocrites" instead which is obviously not the same thing, but only to avoid 15 year olds from chimping out because they just read the definition of some word and now think they know what it means.

LionMaker real name Marcus Wilton27, is a Belgian-based Minecrafter who makes videos for a teen and pre-teen audience ofYouTube subscribers. Gets aids and die. Dp pussy cum. Why does he have kids as his twitter header?

There's been suspicions about it in the past but there's now proof. Sign up for Motherboard Premium. Quite harmless. I imagine she was thinking about how this assblasted anon was going to samefag furiously over this because nobody replied to his posts later tbh. Share This Page Tweet. AdvancedLoserDec 21, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Her daughter was also accused by LionMaker's fans of faking the Twitter DMs where he asked for nudes—something Wiseman says her daughter found as traumatic as the initial approach itself.

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NULL Reputation: He posted more pictures He's talking about killing himself on his twitter. I wonder who's behind this I wouldn't call her ass 'fat'. Specifically to get under your skin.

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