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Plus, the fellas also talk about the most embarrassing wins and losses, which includes the New Orleans Saints and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Then, Shek sits down with Maurice Jones-Drew to reflect on how different the standings would be if every team was healthy They tell the story of the night Gregg went to jail and why Anthony didn't get to punch anyone during the brawl.

Half Empty, Half Full. Foreskin cock pictures. She also told yet another funny story about dinosaur non-believer Will Hayes, gave her firsthand account on the day Jeff Fisher was fired and explained how her relationship with the Rams players developed. As always, don't forget to rate and review! Finally, Bald Bryan gives us a brand new list of actor redundancies in movies Due to Shek losing his voice, Ike Taylor takes over as the host of the show with Shek, his raspy voice and Cynthia Frelund as guests.

Lastly, in this edition of "Cynthesize It! Shek asks David and Willie who the best player they've ever played with was 8: Carrie joined Shek to kibitz about T. Also, the fellas reveal their "Who are you lovin" candidates for Week 16 and discuss some of the upcoming college football bowl games. Cynthia frelund nude. Hawk returns. Progress Indicator.

Then, Shek adds another team to his list of clubs he's determined are not making the playoffs in Reports suggest hackers used "brute force" attacks through Apple's Find My Phone feature to figure out account passwords and gain access. Also, the guys discuss hypothetical losing scenarios for each team, highlighting their individual weaknesses. Shek is first joined by Handsome Hank to discuss which teams will have the top five picks in the NFL Draft, the best shows they've watched this summer and the Cowboys' quarterback situation.

Ramsey isn't wrong to say Gronkowski's results against corners are statistically worse, but there's more to these numbers than it initially seems. Create an account. Male black escorts. My guest today is Dr. Hottie NFL sideline Erin Andrews shows off her sexy legs and big, beautiful breasts in this photo on health.

Why can't we just link to the actual NFL. Already have iTunes? Josh McDaniels stays, Foles' future and regular guy tournament. Behind the scenes with the 'All or Nothing' director. The show rounds out with a ThiccCast update as Eddie Spaghetti talks to Handsome Hank about what he's been eating lately Next, Kent Brown had some voicemails from his mom about the upcoming movie Bohemian Rhapsody and the demise of Whitey Bulger Also, How are 4 year olds getting their hands on crack?

Thompson is droop dead gorgeous. Dave Dameshek first sits on his magic carpet with Maurice Jones-Drew who kibitzes about the breaking news that Eli Apple was traded to the Saints 6:

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Rank 4: Summer McInerney summermcinerney. School girl xxx sexy. These hot women deliver us the NFL football news with a smile and killer bodies. Then, Shek is joined by Malcolm Jenkins to talk about the toughest wide receivers to cover and how much of a challenge the Giants will be now that they have Brandon Marshall. Attachments area. Charissa Thompson charissajthompson. She is sexy at almost Shek and Feeney are back in studio to talk about Shek's experience acting on a network TV show. Samuel L Jackson samuelljackson.

She is a natural teacher and storyteller with an active mind that constantly searches for accurate truth. Cynthia frelund nude. Dave Dameshek is first joined by Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and 2x Super Bowl champion Torrey Smith to kibitz about him defeating the Patriots multiple times 1: Hottie NFL sideline Erin Andrews shows off her sexy legs and big, beautiful breasts in this photo on health.

Plus, A. Kate Upton vows legal action after leaked nude photos with Justin Verlander. Boys in speedo pics. Lastly, in the "game of life" category, Ike and Colleen talk about which summer movies they are most looking forward to seeing and the best brunch foods. Featured Topics. Lastly, Deeker and Cole try to make the case that The Godfather wasn't a good movie 1: Caravan Edition. View from the Cheap Seats with the Sklar Brothers.

The crew debates whether or not Shek can run just one mile after Money completed a half marathon for charity 7: Good Morning Football Edition. Like Andrews and Ponder, sexy Lisa Kerney is a stunning blonde sportscaster who tied the knot with an athlete.

Game On Sep 12 Will the Falcons' secondary return to dominance in ? Find out which NFL player quit and retired during halftime and what basketball star found a person caged in a cab. Cleveland and which Steelers players are on the rise. The two guys kibitz about why more teams in the NFL don't copy the Patriots schemes and play-calls I then called two coaches who have specifically schemed to stop Gronk multiple times and asked them why this might be.

Trey Wingo trey. Next, Dan Hellie stops by quickly to give his score prediction After Anthony and Gregg disagree about their loved ones' opinions, they get into Rob Gronkowski threatening retirement when nearly being traded by the Patriots and the hottest story to ever come out of Buffalo.

Next, Shek delves into the Steelers not making the playoffs and the future of Mike Tomlin Then, the fellas and Cynthia talk about Antonio Brown's locker room video and Travis Kelce's postgame comments. Tits in the beach. The fellas then debate where Teddy Bridgewater and Earl Thomas will end up playing this season, as well as their potential trade value He and his wife Julie currently operate The Gottman Institute in Seattle, offering numerous resources and training.

Next, Handsome Hank sits down in Studio 66 Newer Post Older Post Home. The Super Bowl of Poop Flips. Lisa Salters has a great body for her age and impressive booty! Next up, Spaghetti plays a game of Use Your Noodle with the group to see who can name the most quarterbacks who were selected first overall She also explains that there are similar dropoffs in production for Greg Olsen and Travis Kelce; further evidence that CB coverage on the TE typically indicates zone and means the first read for the QB is elsewhere.

Shek talks about how Josh Rosen is his favorite quarterback in this draft but Money doesn't seem to think his attitude will translate well in the NFL 9: Suzy Kolber still looks hot after all of these years.

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Naked girls shooting The show rounds out with a ThiccCast update as Eddie Spaghetti talks to Handsome Hank about what he's been eating lately Finally, we hear from Eddie Spaghetti who had the chance to speak with Mark Wahlberg before the release of his new movie, Mile 22, about his Patriots losing the Super Bowl and where Tom Brady ranks all-time in Boston sports MJD breaks down his Rams hosting the Dallas Cowboys and why he believes after the bye, Los Angeles will take care of business at home 2:
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